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California Basic Educational Skills Test

What is the CBEST Test?

The CBEST Test is for educators who wish to obtain a credential in California and Oregon. It will test your basic proficiency in three areas, reading, mathematics, and writing.

How is the CBEST Test adimistered?

The CBEST Test can be taken by computer or in-person.

What is a required CBEST Score for Passing?

Each section is scored between 20 and 80 points on a scaled score. A score of 41 is considered passing on each section, making a required 123 total score. You can, however, score a low of 37 on one section, provided the rest of your scores get the total to 123 or more. You cannot score less than 37 and pass. Once you get a passing score on one section, you do not have to repeat it, unless your total does not add up to at least 123.

Do I have to take all three sections at once?

No. you can take each section separately, or all at once.

How many questions are on the CBEST?

50 questions for reading, 50 questions for math, and 2 essays for writing. The questions are multiple choice.

How much time will I have to complete the CBEST?

You will have 4 hours to complete all 3 sections. However, you do not have to actually complete all sections during the 4 hours. You can take one or two sections if you wish. You will have to pay and return again to finish the other sections. If you take a break during the 4 hours, it is counted as test time.

Are there accommodations for disabilities and other things?

Yes, but you must have pre-approval before the test date.

Where can I get all the information to register, policies, and accommodations?

At the CBEST website: CBEST Home

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