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What kind of tutoring do you need?

Before looking for a tutor, ask yourself this question,

What is the goal for me or my child?

Tutoring Goals will fall under these categories:

1) Tutoring for immediate help to pass class or an exam.

2) Long term help from tutoring to bring student up to grade level.

3) A tutor for Improving student's learning and studying skills. Deciding on which tutor you need is the first part. Deciding on what will get you there is the second. If you want help to pass a class or an exam, the best way is to find a one-on-one tutor who will come to your home and work specifically on the subject the help is needed on. The tutor you find must be an expert on that subject. No long term goal is expected, just a little tutoring to get over the learning hump.

Looking for long term to bring and keep student at grade level? Again, a one-on-one tutor, coming to your home, is best. Find one that is both willing and able to bring student up to grade level, while at the same time can give immediate help. Stopping the bleeding is foremost of this kind of tutoring.

Now, if you are looking to improve student performance and study skills, a learning or tutoring center is best. Generally they have all diagnostic and remedial resources available.

One-on-one tutoring is for immediate help and is actually best for the student. Learning centers may not be willing to help your child tutoring on subject specific problems. And they sometimes tutor more than one student at a time. But they can be more beneficial in the long term. You may wish to use a combination of both kinds of tutoring. Here is the last point. Before paying for any tutoring, ask the school for help first. Many schools have before and after school tutoring, and the teacher can suggest more free ways. Your child's teacher is the best tutor!

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