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Tips for Taking the CBEST Test - Page Two.

Talk to those who have passed. Find out what they did or knew that got them through.

Talk to those who have failed. Find out what they did or did not do. You must weigh this information equally with those from the previous tip.

There is more than one version. Some versions are said to be harder than others. Keep this in mind if you need to retake any section.

Don't stuff yourself during a meal just before the test. Contrary to popular belief, your mind shuts down to concentrate on a full stomach. Ever felt sleepy after a meal? Eat sensibly!

Don't starve! Hunger pangs can damper anyone's thought process. Growling stomachs could be a distraction to you and others.

Don't cram the night before. You cannot expect to study hard and long enough to remember anything in such a short time.

If you are currently working as a teacher or with other teachers, use the tips that you or others use to motivate students during tests.

Bring a ton of #2 pencils, sharpened!

Don't be late! You may not be admitted.

Try problems in your head before looking at the answers. Looking at answers first on the math and reading part may entice you to pick an "attractive" answer that is totally wrong.

Visit the official CBEST web site. http://www.cbest.nesinc.com
It has sample questions and complete information. You can even register for the test online and request a current bulletin.

Visit the California credential web site. http://www.ctc.ca.gov

Contact information for other questions:

CBEST Program
National Evaluation Systems, INC.
PO Box 340880
Sacramento, CA 95834-0880

Phone: (916) 928-4001

Get a copy of the latest  registration bulletin. Know and follow all the rules!

Be realistic! If you are consistently failing in the 20 point range, you need a lot of  improvement. You should consider other options. However, I do remember helping a  woman who got a 20 on the reading section the first time and a 45 the second time.

Be aware of the "37" rule. You can pass with any combination of scores that total at least 123 and no test is less than a 37. Highest scores are the only ones counted. If you get a 38 one time and a 37 next time, the 38 is still the score of record. You could pass with scores of 37, 37, and 49. Note that a score of more than 49 does not help because the rest MUST be 37 or higher. Pick a section you stress out on. Once you get a 37 on it, strive for higher scores on the rest.

Use the test as a reference for the future in case you do not pass. Try and make mental notes of questions you could not solve and concepts you don't know. This will help you study for the next time.

Don't dwell on the past. If you fail one or more parts it is not the end of the world. Whether it was on the first time, second time , third or even longer, many people HAVE passed. And so can you!

Reread questions (and answer choices) at least FIVE times before giving up and guessing.

Some questions may be similar. There is nothing wrong with flipping back to see how you did a similar problem.

Did you know you can get "accomodations" ? Some people even get to use calculators!!!!!!! You normally need a legitimate medical condition verified by a doctor. Accomodations range from calculators, longer time, more breaks,etc. I am not kidding. There are test takers by themselves in seperate rooms who actually get lunch breaks. If you think you may qualify, check into it.

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